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Greenhouse Recruiting's integration with HireRight allows you to order background screening services from HireRight directly through Greenhouse Recruiting.

Enable the integration

To enable the integration, contact your HireRight account manager with the email addresses of the people who need access to the integration.

Greenhouse Technical Support will work with HireRight and your account administrator to set up the integration. Once HireRight and Greenhouse Recruiting confirm the integration is set up, you can begin placing background check orders in Greenhouse Recruiting.

Note: The email address provided to HireRight must match your primary email address in Greenhouse Recruiting. To add or update your account email address, click here.

Use the integration

Submit an order

You can send a HireRight order for a candidate in the right panel on the candidate profile by clicking Export to HireRight.

Click Complete Report to continue to complete your order. This link is used to start your order and can be used later to view the order's status. Finally, complete the order details on the HireRight platform according to your organization's processes and policies.

Check the status of an order

If you previously ordered a background check for a candidate and want to view the status, click HireRight Report on the candidate's profile. You'll be taken to HireRight to view the background check status.

View background check results

When a candidate's background check is complete, the Report Details section in HireRight displays the results of each background check and highlights any discrepancies between the applicant's profile in Greenhouse Recruiting and their completed background check.

HireRight integration image

You can view other parts of the candidate's background check in this report.

Troubleshoot the HireRight integration

No packages available when exporting to HireRight

If no packages are available when selecting to export a candidate to HireRight, it's possible that you don't have the appropriate permissions within HireRight. 

We recommend checking with your HireRight Admin to make sure that your email has been allowlisted and to confirm that your email address matches the email associated with your Greenhouse Recruiting account.

Note: Every Greenhouse Recruiting user has a primary email address and optional secondary email addresses. For this integration to work properly, the email address used to log in to HireRight must match the primary email in Greenhouse Recruiting.

Tip: For help using HireRight, contact HireRight support.