The Greenhouse integration with HireRight allows users to order background screening services from HireRight directly from within their Greenhouse account. This document illustrates steps for ordering a background check, monitoring, and viewing status of those orders and reported results.


Note: To enable this integration, you will need to reach out to your HireRight account manager with the email addresses of the users who need to have the integration enabled for them.  Following this, HireRight and Greenhouse will configure this for you within your account.


To Submit an Order

  1. From your Greenhouse Dashboard, select the Candidates tab.


  1. On the Candidates list screen, click on an Applicant.


To Submit an Order 

  1. On Candidate Screen, click Private.


  1. Use the drop-down menu to select a Background Check Package, and click Export to HireRight.


To Submit an Order

  1. The new entry is added to the Background Check
  2. Click the HireRight Report link to continue to complete your order.



HireRight Report link is used to create the order. Once the order is created, the same link is used to access the order. 

This will open a New Order window in HireRight. 

7. Confirm the Service Package selected and click NEXT at the bottom of the screen.


NOTE: Users may have the capability to add on service or order a la carte.

To Submit an Order

8. Select Form Completion Option:

  • Complete Background Forms Myself
  • Email applicant information to log on and complete

The following example shows the Applicant completion option.

Confirm applicant information and click NEXT to send the invitation via email.


Example of Email Applicant selection shown here. Click NEXT to send the invitation via email.

The next step is for the Applicant or Requestor to complete any requirements via the online form.

Click here to view details on applicant and requestor submission steps.

Note: The order is created only after the applicant (or the requester) submits the forms.


To Check the Status or View Results of an Order 

  1. Return to Candidate. Click on the Private Tab. Here you can view status and access HireRight results by clicking HireRight Report



HireRight Report link is used to access the order results once the order is created. HireRight Dashboard takes you to the HireRight system.

Report tool bar provides access to Live Help, Print/Download, Letters (FCRA Compliance), and Adjudicate.
The background report opens on the Report Summary tab. (shown below.)  


Report Summary

   - Date Requested
   - Completion Date
   - Product & Package
   - Results

To View Results 

Report Details contain process details and results of each background check including any discrepancies noted by HireRight.


Change Tracker displays differences between what the applicant entered in Greenhouse and what they entered in HireRight (e.g. Job Title, School Name).


To View Results

History shows a list of each action that was taken on this order.


Applicant Data tab (not shown) displays applicant information entered in the HireRight background form.


To Access HireRight Screening Manager Dashboard

  1. From the Private Tab, select HireRight Dashboard to go to the HireRight system and view all orders.


A HireRight window opens on top of the Greenhouse application. If you need to go back to Greenhouse, you will need to close the HireRight window.


Refer to Online training for Additional Support Materials



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