Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

If you're tired of typing or updating your signature on each email sent from Greenhouse Recruiting, you can configure an email signature and use the {{My_Signature}} token to automatically insert it into different templates.

Create your email signature

To start, click your initials at the top of your Greenhouse page, then select Account Settings


On the next page, choose Edit Edit-icon.png to adjust your personal information. Scroll down to edit your signature.

The Email Signature box supports rich-text editing, so you can add bullet points, links, alignment changes, and even photos (as long as they're hosted somewhere online).


Add signature token to email templates

After you've perfected your signature, head over to Configure->Email Templates to add it via the {{MY_SIGNATURE}} token. You'll need to manually add the token into any template where you want it to appear.



When you're ready to reach out to candidates, select the correct template and check out your new signature.