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Hired is making a transition to the Greenhouse Harvest API, allowing Greenhouse to more seamlessly connect with your existing workflow. Some of the immediate benefits:

  • Instead of requiring each user in Hired to integrate with Greenhouse, we’ll ask for one user to integrate.
  • By getting access to more of the basic data on your jobs we will be able to automatically create positions more easily that match more candidates effectively
  • We are also considering more integrations with your Greenhouse calendar so you can schedule interviews directly in Greenhouse without having to make updates in Hired, keeping you in the workflow you already use.


To get started with this integration, we’ll need to first collect the Greenhouse Harvest API key from you (or one of your administrators) and paste it here. Just follow the directions below:


  1. Visit the the Greenhouse credentials page to create an API key
    Important note: You (or your Site Administrator) must have developer permissions for “Can manage ALL organization’s API Credentials” to generate a  Harvest API key.
  2. Click "Create New API Key”


  1. Enter the description "Hired - Harvest" and choose type "Harvest"
  2. On the Manage API Key Permissions page, ensure the following are checked                                                                                                                                        
    1. Applications                                                                                                                 Application_SS.png
    2. Candidates                                                                                                              Candidates_SS.png                                        
    3. Job Information                                                                                                          Job_Information_SS.png 
    4. Scheduled Interviews                                                                                                 Interviews_SS.png 
    5. Sources & Users                                                                                                           User_Permissions_SS.png
  3. Click "Update" to save the key


  1. Find the key that you just created ("Hired - Harvest") and click "Copy" to put it in your clipboard


  1. Go to and select Greenhouse from the list of Applicant Tracking Systems. Hit the “Connect” button.



  1. Paste in your API Key and hit “Save”


For more on the integration, please view this demo video: