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Help! I'm using the Gmail Extension, and it doesn't seem to be working. Why?

Problem 1: The Greenhouse Export button isn't showing up

Export button not showing up for ALL emails:

Check to see if you successfully added the extension.  

If you've successfully added the extension, you'll see the Greenhouse icon appear in the URL bar of your browser.  If the Greenhouse icon does not appear in your browser, the extension was not successfully installed.  Check out the steps to install here.


Export button not showing up for SOME emails:

Most likely, the Gmail parser failed to read the email.

There are many different formats of emails. The library used to read these emails and parse them isn't always reliable, so if it fails to parse, the icon will not show up.  In these cases, please forward the email to, and we will update the Gmail parsing tool to include that particular case.

If you're familiar with using the Chrome Developer Console, open it to take a screenshot of the error, which will appear in red.  Please forward the screenshot to

The person on the email is not a valid candidate

The Greenhouse icon will only display on emails from Candidates or Prospects that already exist in Greenhouse.

Problem 2: The mail is not exporting to Greenhouse

Mail is not exporting for SOME emails

An error happened trying to process the email

Please take a screenshot of the email, and forward it to  

Mail is not exporting for ALL emails

You have not successfully authorized the extension

Until you've successfully authorized the extension, the Greenhouse icon will appear within all of your email messages.  To authorize the extension, open any message from a candidate in your inbox, and click the Greenhouse icon that displays within the message (on the right side). 

The access token is invalid or has expired

Though unlikely, it's possible that the access token is invalid or has expired.  Take the following steps:

  • Click the Greenhouse icon in the address bar, then click "Logout"
  • Once logged out, click the icon again to log back in

If that doesn't resolve the issue, try uninstalling and then reinstalling the extension. 



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