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Is there a way to have different score cards for different stages of the interview process?

 You can only have one scorecard per job. You can edit this scorecard by going into your Job's Dashboard > Job Setup > Scorecard.



Though this scorecard is present in all of the interview kits for every interview within the interview plan - when you go to edit the interview kits for each individual interview, you can decide which traits on the scorecard you want the interviewers to focus on.

You can edit the traits to focus on for each interview by:
1. Going into the interview plan for the job
2. Clicking on edit interview kit for the particular interview
3. Checking the boxes besides the traits you would like the interviewers to focus on under Scorecard Attributes to focus on.



When interviewers go into their interview kits, they will see the entire scorecard for the job, but certain traits will be highlighted YELLOW so that the interviewer knows what to focus on.