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How do I edit the name of a stage across multiple jobs?

  • On the all Jobs dashboard, click Bulk Actions.
  • Select the individual jobs you'd like to edit, or click on the check box that selects all jobs.
  • Click Edit: Stages/Interviews
  • Click on the name of the stage, and an editable field will display
  • When finished, click the green checkmark to save the change
  • Be sure to click Save Changes on the page itself

Important note: Renaming stages will not sync interview kits.

For example, if one stage on a selected job is "F2F", but you rename it match the name of a stage called "Face to Face", the interview kits within those two stages will not be synced, even though the interviews may have the same names.

To make sure that interview kits are synced, take the following steps:

Put your cursor over the interview until you see the menu icon appear.

Click the edit icon and then click Sync interview kits.

Select the job that has the version of the interview kit you'd like to use on all selected jobs in that stage, and then click Sync Interview Kits.


Be sure to click Save Changes on the page itself.