What options do candidates have for attaching files when submitting an application?

If a Job Post contains a custom question of the "Attachment" field type, when applying, the candidate will have the option to upload a file from their computer, from their Dropbox account, or from their Google Drive account.  They can also paste into these types of fields.

This is especially convenient for candidates who want to apply via a mobile device:

Important notes:

  • Not all browsers support all 4 of these services, so in cases where services aren't supported, those unsupported options won't display.
  • Specifically, Dropbox is not available on Google Chrome on iOS.
  • The Google Drive option won't be available if your Greenhouse-powered careers page was configured with the embed option.
  • If your Greenhouse-powered careers page was configured with the embed option, be sure to check the "Make responsive" box on the Configure Job Board page in the Dev Center so that the attachment options will become buttons (instead of hyperlinks) on mobile devices.



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    Tom Ellery

    Is it possible to customise these options? For instance, if I want to remove Dropbox from available upload sources?

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    Hi Tom!

    We don't have a way to hide the dropbox link within Greenhouse, but you can use custom CSS (which can be uploaded at the bottom of this page: https://app.greenhouse.io/configure/dev_center/config) to hide or style many of the elements of the standard job board and application form.

    Let us know if you have any other questions!