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Why can't I customize survey questions?

Customizing the survey questions would reduce the value of the results.  The idea is to have consistent data across all jobs and companies so that you have benchmarks to compare yourself against.  In order to have these benchmarks, the questions must be the same across all jobs and across all companies.

Here's what we mean:

One of the key steps toward effective recruiting is building a recruiting culture.   Organizations who are great at hiring make recruiting a company-wide effort, relying as much on regular employees and executives as the superheroes in HR.  

What we've heard from recruiting teams is that it can be challenging to convince certain departments or certain people within the organization to get on board.  Maybe they say they don’t have time, or the perception is that they don't find it all that important. Recruiters are left with the daunting question, “How do I as the recruiter, convince the CTO to prioritize recruiting, adjust their beliefs, and actually change behavior!?”. 

The Candidate Survey is the answer!

By collecting consistent data and actual quotes from candidates, it's possible to point to real evidence that shows how resistance to participation in the hiring process is holding the organization back from being awesome at hiring.

Imagine starting a meeting with a hiring manager about a new job with these two facts:

  • 15% of candidates strongly disagreed with the idea that our interviewers are well-prepared and conducted the interview skillfully. Only 3% of candidates say that about the average company
  • Candidate quote: “I’m not sure my interviewers even knew what role I was applying for. Questions were vague, duplicated or irrelevant.”

That will surely get your team’s attention and set the stage for some behavior change!

You could show data comparing department vs. department, office vs. office, or your company vs. the Greenhouse average. Trend the data over time to see if you’re improving. Make candidate satisfaction a company metric that everyone pays attention to.

Candidate satisfaction is largely in your control and has profound effects on your company’s hiring brand, offer acceptance rates, how many people withdraw before the end of the process, referrals, and more. Tracking and using the data is a powerful way to change your organization’s hiring practices for the better.