Create a New Ad Campaign

When marketing different versions of a job ad on the same job board, you will want to track your ad campaigns so that you can determine what approach attracts the most quality candidates. In this article we will cover how to create a New Ad Campaign.

From the Job Dashboard of an individual job, navigate to Sourcing>Third-party boards. From the Third-party boards page click on New Ad Campaign.



From the New Ad Campaign page, choose the job application you are creating the Ad Campaign for and click on Job Boards to move onto the next section of the set-up.

Choose one or more job boards for your campaign. The page is divided into two sections. At the top, you'll see a list of job boards to which you can post job ads through Greenhouse.  


The bottom section of the page lists all other job boards, which you can still track through Greenhouse, but which require manual posting outside of Greenhouse. If you would like to add another job board onto the list, click on Add Job Board

When you are done, click on Name Your Campaign to move on. Name your campaign as an internal reference. If you're only posting to "other" job boards, click the Get Tracking Links button, which will be the last step of the process.  

If you've selected to post to at least one external job board through Greenhouse, click the Job Details button. Depending on the external job board(s) you've selected, the fields on the Job Details page will vary.  Enter all required information, and then click the Billing Info.

Enter the billing information, and then click the Review button. After reviewing the content of your ad campaign, proceed with confirming your purchase.

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  • Avatar
    Matt Paddock

    Is there a delay when jobs go to Coroflot in terms of displaying the logo? I just posted through Greenhouse and my job is being displayed without our logo?

  • Avatar
    Moritz Gudermann

    How can you delete a campaign?

  • Avatar
    Alexa Lytle

    Hi Moritz!

    Once you create a campaign you cannot delete it. If you want, you can rename the campaign but there is no way to remove it from your campaigns in general.


  • Avatar
    Lauri Armstrong

    Am I able to track fees paid for a LinkedIn campaign? It would be terrific if I could add that cost and have it show up in my reports.

  • Avatar

    Hu Lauri,

    We don't have a place to add manual costs for campaigns in Greenhouse, but I know that's something our product team has talked about wanting to add somewhere down the line. Eventually, you may be able to generate a report around cost of hire for a particular role to see all of the various expenses involved in finding your perfect candidate.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions!


  • Avatar
    Annabel Sacapa��o

    When I choose to add a campaign through a third party job board (where I have to create a manual posting outside of Greenhouse), I can't fill in the billing details etc. Is there a possibility to do so?

  • Avatar
    Ryan Artha

    Hi Annabel!

    Thanks for writing in! I'm happy to assist on this. I'm going to email you separately as this seems like a specific. Please look out for my email!


    Ryan Artha

  • Avatar
    Tammy Grad

    +1 with Annabel... need to add cost manually to other job boards. The billing tab is there for the others that integrate with GH, not understanding why we can't enter spend on the others.

  • Avatar
    Jess Bertubin

    Hi Tammy,

    Thanks for writing in!

    It sounds like you're adding a campaign by creating a custom job board. With this method, Greenhouse will only generate a tracking link.

    An ad campaign within Greenhouse is meant to be used as a way to track the performance of different versions of an ad for the same job board. This FAQ has more info on this:

    Greenhouse's focus is on providing insight into the efficacy of your team's recruiting processes and in the future we may either expand functionality to include tasks like vendor management or integrate with platforms that help coordinate vendor management. We'll certainly let everyone know when that happens :)

    Happy to clarify any of the above or answer any further questions!