Create a New Ad Campaign


When marketing different versions of a job ad on the same job board, your organization will want to track these different ad campaigns to determine which approach attracts the most quality candidates. In this article we will cover how to create a New Ad Campaign.

Navigate to a job by clicking All Jobs from the navigation bar and selecting a job from the subsequent list.


Click Sourcing and navigate to Third-party boards on the left-hand panel.


Click New Ad Campaign.


From the New Ad Campaign page, select the job post you are creating the Ad Campaign for and  click Choose Job Boards to advance to the next step of the configuration.

Choose one or more job boards for your campaign. The page is divided into two sections. At the top, you will see a list of job boards to which you can post job ads through Greenhouse. The bottom section of the page lists all other job boards, which you can still track through Greenhouse, but which require manual posting outside of Greenhouse.

If you would like to add another job board onto the list, click on Add Job Board.

Note: If you select an other job board (i.e. from the bottom section of the Job Boards page) a tracking link will be available on the confirmation page.


Note: The ZipRecruiter Boost is for a single job post for a 30 day period.

When you are done, click on Name Your Campaign to move on. Name your campaign as an internal reference.

If you've selected to post to at least one external job board through Greenhouse, click the Job Details button.


Depending on the external job board(s) you've selected, the fields on the Job Details page will vary.  Enter all required information, and then click the Billing Info.

Enter the billing information, and then click the Review button. After reviewing the content of your ad campaign, proceed with confirming your purchase.