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Greenhouse Gmail Extension (Legacy)


Note: Recently we released the Greenhouse for Gmail Google Add-On. This tool includes much of the same functionality as the Greenhouse Gmail Extension, and is optimized for better performance on Gmail’s current platform. We recommend the Gmail Add-On if this is your first time using either tool for logging candidate email conversations.

If you use both Gmail and Google Chrome, you'll be able to add the Greenhouse Gmail Extension to your browser, which will enable you to easily log candidate email conversations to Greenhouse.

To get started:

  • Visit the Chrome Web Store, and click to add the extension to your browser
  • Authorize the extension to access your Greenhouse account (this only needs to be done once)
  • Open any message from a candidate, and simply click the Greenhouse logo within the message to sync it to the Activity Feed of the candidate's profile in Greenhouse

Here are the details:

Add the extension via the Chrome Web Store

Click here to visit the Chrome Web Store.

Once you've successfully added the extension, you'll see the Greenhouse logo appear in the URL bar of your browser.  


Authorize the extension to access your Greenhouse account

Note: Until you have authorized the extension, the Greenhouse logo will appear within all of your email messages.  After you've authorized the extension, the logo will only appear within messages of candidates who have existing profiles in Greenhouse.

To authorize the extension, open any message from a candidate in your inbox, and click the Greenhouse logo that displays within the message (on the right side).

The first time you click the logo, you will be prompted to authorize the Greenhouse Gmail Extension to use your Greenhouse account.  If you're not already logged into your Greenhouse account, clicking Authorize will prompt you to enter your Greenhouse username and password. 


Log candidate email conversations to Greenhouse

After you've completed the authorization, clicking the Greenhouse logo within a candidate message will add the message to the Activity Feed of the candidate's profile page, and the logo will change to an arrow.  Click the arrow icon to be taken to the candidate's profile page in Greenhouse.


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