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Sync Interview Kits Across Multiple Jobs



Navigate to the Jobs tab from your Dashboard and click Bulk Actions.


Select the jobs you would like to include in the interview kit sync by clicking the checkbox beside the job name. 

When you have finished, click Edit Stages/Interviews.


From the subsequent page, place your cursor over the interview you would like to sync and click the ellipse that appears. 


Click Sync interview kits from the drop-down menu.


A resulting dialog box will prompt you to select which interview kit you would like to copy to the other jobs in your interview kit sync. Choose an interview kit from one of the jobs to be the template for the other jobs in the sync.

Note: Scheduled interviews are not deleted unless an interview kit is removed from a job. If an interview kit is updated or replaced, scheduled interviews will remain scheduled, but will be associated with the updated/replacement interview kit.

When you have finished, click Sync Interview Kits.


The interview will be highlighted in green to indicate that the interview kits were successfully synced.  


Navigate to the bottom of the page and click Save Changes to confirm the sync.