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How do I manage fields on Referrals?

By default, the following fields are included on the form when a user submits a new Referral:

If you'd like to collect additional information on Referrals in a standardized format (e.g. College/University), users with Site Admin permissions can add custom fields to Referrals.

  • Click Configure
  • Click Custom Options
  • Click Referrals
  • Click either + Add Field or click the edit pencil next to an existing field
  • Enter the name of the field
  • Select the desired field type. Important note: it is not possible to update the field type of an existing field.
  • If you'd like to require that a field be completed before a user can submit the referral, put a check in the box next to Required
  • If you'd like to include guidance text within the field (it will disappear as the user begins to type), enter it into the Placeholder field 
  • Click Save