How do I manage fields on Referrals?

By default, the following fields are included on the form when a user submits a new Referral:

If you'd like to collect additional information on Referrals in a standardized format (e.g. College/University), users with Site Admin permissions can add custom fields to Referrals.

  • Click Configure
  • Click Custom Options
  • Click Referrals
  • Click either + Add Field or click the edit pencil next to an existing field
  • Enter the name of the field
  • Select the desired field type. Important note: it is not possible to update the field type of an existing field.
  • If you'd like to require that a field be completed before a user can submit the referral, put a check in the box next to Required
  • If you'd like to include guidance text within the field (it will disappear as the user begins to type), enter it into the Placeholder field 
  • Click Save

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    Greenhouse Training

    Is there a way to make the CV upload a required field as well?

    Edited by Greenhouse Training
  • Avatar
    Lucia Hoang

    Hi there,

    There's no way to make the CV upload a required field as well. (We don't want the requirement of a resume to deter users from making referrals. Many referrers will refer colleagues without letting them know. As a result, they don't have an updated copy of their referral's resume. The recruiting team will then actively reach out to the referral for this information. Hope this clarifies everything!)

    While this is the current philosophy behind this feature, I can still pass your feedback along to our product team!

    Kind regards,
    Lucia Hoang

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    Eric Stoner

    Maybe make the resume upload optional?