How do I manage fields on Offers?

By default the following fields are included when creating an offer:

If you'd like to collect additional information in a standardized format (e.g. "Will report to") when creating offers, users with Site Admin permissions can do so by adding custom fields to offers.

  • Click Configure
  • Click Custom Options
  • Click Offers
  • Click either + New Field or click the edit pencil next to an existing field
  • Enter the name of the field
  • Select the desired field type. Important note: it is not possible to update the field type of an existing field.
  • If you'd like to be able to use the value of the field in email and offer letter templates, put a check in the box next to Create new email token
  • If you'd like to require that a field be completed before a user can proceed to the next step, put a check in the box next to Required
  • If you'd like to trigger a new version of an offer when changes are made to the field, put a check in the box next to Changes to this field trigger a new offer version
  • Click Save

Any custom fields that you add to offers will be included in the "Offers" report.

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    Katarzyna W?Growska

    Adding fields is clear, how do I remove one if it already contains historical data?

  • Avatar
    Jodi Freeman

    Hi Katarzyna! Thanks for your question!

    There isn't a way to remove offer fields that contain historical data. Removing an offer field will not impact any existing historical data, but the offer field will no longer show up for new offers.

    To remove an offer field for future offers, you can go to Configure>Custom Options>Offers and select "remove" to the right of the offer field.


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