Permissions: Job Admin and higher

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

Codility makes great hiring decisions effortless without wasting engineering or recruiter time. Candidates are evaluated equally based on the technical skills that matter enabling engineering leaders to build high-performing, diverse teams that power growth. Greenhouse Recruiting and Codility have created an integration so that you can seamlessly add a candidate test to your interview pipeline.

Enable the Greenhouse Recruiting / Codility integration

To enable the Codility integrations, select Integrations from the navigation bar.

Select or search for Codility, and click Connect to authorize the integration.

Each user who intends to use the integration should repeat this process.

Add the Codility interview stage to your job

To add the Codility interview stage to your job, select Jobs from your navigation bar, then click your job.

Select Job Setup on the left, then click Interview Plan.

Click the Add Stage button.

Find Codility Test in the stage options. Click Add.

Configure the Codility stage

Once the stage has been added to your job, click Edit Take Home Test.

You'll see a drop-down menu that reflects the code tests that you’ve previously set up in Codility. Select the appropriate test, assign at least one Greenhouse user to grade submitted tests, and then click Save.

Note: All configuration of the tests, as well as the email templates, will need to be setup in Codility. While you will click Send Test on Greenhouse Recruiting, the test is actually sent by Codility.

Send a Codility test on Greenhouse Recruiting

When candidates are moved into the Codility Test stage, Greenhouse will display a Send Test button on the candidate profile. While you will click Send Test in Greenhouse Recruiting, the test will actually be sent through Codility.

The copy of the email that is sent to candidates is as follows:

The status of the test will be viewable in Greenhouse Recruiting on the candidate profile. The available statuses are:

  • Take Home Test to be sent.
  • Waiting for candidate to submit test
  • Scorecard due from <GRADER>

Reviewing Codility test results

Once the candidate has submitted their test, you can view their Codility score by opening the interview kit for the Codility Test interview. Click the View Report hyperlink to view details.