PRESENTATION (PPT): All About Greenhouse

We've put together a presentation that will help introduce Greenhouse to your staff. 

The Short version, attached here, covers:

  • What is Greenhouse?
  • What does it help you do?
  • What's that mean for you?

The Long version covers everything in the Short version, plus:

  • Conducting Interviews & Submitting Feedback
  • Adding Referrals to Greenhouse
  • Managing Candidate Tasks

The Long version is too large to attach here to the FAQ, but your Account Manager or our Support team can send a copy directly to you via email. 

They can also provide a Keynote version of either presentation.


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    David Lubert

    The pdf's are helpful, but lack details. Greenhouse uses role of coordinator, but there is no documentation available on this role. Also in the case of Iinterviewer, one cannot assume that the interviewer can schedule an actual interview with a candidate. The documentation is a bit weak in regards to what the role can and cannot do.

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    Yvette Kamperin

    Would you be able to create a doc that shows what an interviewer would see and how to manage their way around the site? I doubt any company has their interviewers scheduling the interviews for example.

    Also this doc has blanks on a few pages. Can you fix this with a quick turn around?
    thank you!

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    Jean Walters

    Hi Yvette,

    Have you had a chance to check out this video for users with Interviewer permissions?

    If you're seeing blank pages when viewing the document, it is likely because you're using Chrome to preview it. If you download the document and then open it, you shouldn't see those blanks.

    Let us know if you need anything else!