Greenhouse 101 for hiring managers and recruiters: Presentation template

We've put together a presentation that will help introduce Greenhouse Recruiting to users with Job Admin-level access on your team.   

The presentation covers:

  • What is Greenhouse Recruiting?
  • What does it help the company do?
  • What does that mean for the company?
  • How they can set up their account and log in to Greenhouse Recruiting
  • A guided live demo of Greenhouse Recruiting
  • Reporting within Greenhouse Recruiting
  • Best practices

For the Live Demo, our suggested agenda is as follows:

  • Review the All Jobs dashboard
  • Go through the top bar navigation, including search, FAQ, and editing My Info
  • Walk through the Job dashboard, including an overview of Pipeline and Pipeline Tasks sections
  • Resume review, including rejection process, if applicable
  • Navigating candidate profiles, including the Scorecards tab
  • Understanding the Candidates tab, including search functionality

Greenhouse Recruiting 101 for Hiring Managers and Recruiters

Note: To download a copy of the presentation deck for internal use, click File > Download and choose your preferred file type. This also will allow you to copy individual slides from the deck if needed.