How do I access the Dev Center?

Click here to access the Dev Center in Greenhouse.  

Who has access?

  • Users with Site Admin and Job Admin permissions have access to Dev Center, but they do not have access to manage API credentials by default.  
  • By special permission, users with any permission type can be assigned access to both Dev Center and API credential management by following these instructions.

The Dev Center includes information on:

Users who have been assigned access to Dev Center with the ability to manage API credentials will also have access to the following section in Dev Center:

API Credential Management

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    Gavin Cowie

    What greenhouse access/permissions level is required to get access to the Dev Center?

  • Avatar
    Gavin Cowie

    Rather, what is the lowest level that can access it? We have external vendors looking to make a site intergration.

  • Avatar
    Gong Xuefeng

    Hi, I have the Site Admin permissions, but I don't have the permission to access the API Credential Management:

    And the page say:
    Sorry, you don't have permission to view this page.

  • Avatar
    Jean Walters

    Hi Gong,

    Sorry about that! That aspect of the FAQ was indeed out of date. I've corrected it. To gain access to API credential management, you'll need to have an admin in your company assign permissions to you per these instructions:


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    Ryan Baker

    Hi - is the API documentation really only available via login? Our company manages our GreenHouse account access through OneLogin. This means that a web developer contractor we are working with cannot gain access to our account (from my knowledge)... and thus he cannot access the documentation for the API that he is going to be working with. Any solutions here?

  • Avatar

    Hi Ryan,

    Let me check with out engineering team to see what they might have for you, then we'll have someone follow up with you via email!