Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

Greenhouse Recruiting's Dev Center allows you to manage credentials, connections, and configurations that impact your organization's job boards, data, and security. Only users with developer permissions can manage resources in the Dev Center.

Overview and feature highlights

Greenhouse Recruiting's Dev Center features all of the following settings, configurations, and resources:

Job board configuration

Configure your non-Greenhouse hosted job board URLs and custom CSS.
API credentials Create, revoke, and assign API keys for your organization.
Webhooks Configure webhooks to occur with certain events.
Workday administration Create Workday credentials and manage Workday custom options sync.
Single sign-on Configure single sign-on for all users in your organization.
Business Intelligence Connector Configure the Business Intelligence Connector for exporting Greenhouse data.

Job Board API

Use developer resources for detailed API documentation for custom job boards.
Harvest API Use developer resources for detailed API documentation to export and update jobs, candidates, and processes.
Job board integration examples Reference detailed descriptions of example job board integration options.
CSS guide Use developer resources to implement custom CSS for your job board.

Access the Dev Center

Note: To use the Dev Center, you'll need developer permissions. While Site Admin can access the Dev Center page to view documentation, they're unable to configure anything without user-specific developer permissions.

To access the Dev Center, click the Configure Configure icon icon on your navigation bar, then click Dev Center on the left.

Configure page showing Dev Center button highlighted in marigold emphasis box

Click the specific section you need to acces.

Dev Center page showing a list of different configuration options