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Create a Confidential job

Note: Contact your Customer Success Manager to activate the Confidential job feature for your organization. 

On the Job Name & Info step of the job setup process, you have the ability to create the job as Confidential.

Creating a Confidential job means that no other user --not even users with Site Admin permissions -- will have access to that job unless you manually assign permissions to them via the Hiring Team page. The only user who can access a Confidential job by default is the user who created the job. As well, it is not possible to create Job Posts for Confidential jobs. 

Agency recruiters can still be assigned to Confidential jobs. Just as you normally would, you can go to Sourcing to assign agency recruiters to Confidential jobs.

After the job is created, a yellow Confidential tag will appear next to the job name.To make a Confidential job Public, select Job Setup>Job Info and press Make Public at the top of the page.

Important notes:

  • It is not possible to edit existing jobs to make them confidential -- a Confidential job must be established in the job setup process.
  • If you make a Confidential job Public, you can't undo the action! Make sure you really want it to be public before switching it over!