Configure candidate surveys


The Candidate Survey can be sent to job candidates after they exit your organization's hiring process. The survey questions are standardized and cannot be edited so you can compare your results to the average Greenhouse Recruiting customer.

Note: If your organization has Greenhouse Inclusion and has elected to include custom demographic questions in the Candidate Survey, these questions will be appended to the survey after the standard 9 questions.

View the candidate survey

Site Admins can preview the candidate survey questions by selecting the Configure icon Configured Icon.png and selecting Candidate Survey on the left side of the page.

The following standard questions are included on all surveys:

  1. Overall, my interviewing experience was a positive one.
  2. My interview(s) started on time.
  3. The position was clearly explained to me.
  4. The people who interviewed me were well prepared and conducted the interviews skillfully.
  5. The interviewer(s) got an accurate sense of my strengths and weaknesses.
  6. I was treated with courtesy and respect.
  7. Overall, I found the interview process to be challenging.
  8. Overall, I have a more positive impression of the company having gone through their recruiting process.
  9. Is there anything you wish the company had done differently?

For each question, the candidates will be asked to rate how much they agree with a specific statement or answer the question in a text field. Candidates can also add comments to all answers.

Preview a candidate survey

To see the candidate's view of the questions, select Preview next to the survey questions.