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How does Maildrop work?

Because most of us live in our email, the Maildrop feature in Greenhouse is a super convenient way to do two things right from your inbox:

  1. Add Candidates/Prospects to Greenhouse
  2. Log Candidate/Prospect email conversations in Greenhouse

How does it work?

How does Maildrop recognize Greenhouse users?
It’s important to note that Maildrop is only for Greenhouse users. In order to successfully forward a message from your inbox and have it either create a new Candidate or Prospect in Greenhouse or log an email conversation with an existing Candidate or Prospect, Maildrop must recognize your email address. If you’ll be forwarding messages from different email addresses, make sure to add those additional email addresses to your profile:

  • Click “Hi, <YOURNAME>
  • Click My Info
  • Click Edit next to Personal Information
  • Click Add another email
  • Click Save

How does Maildrop create new Candidates and attach them to the right job in Greenhouse?
As you create and open jobs in Greenhouse, unique Maildrop email addresses will automatically be generated for each job for the purpose of allowing you to create Candidates in Greenhouse via email. For example, if someone reaches out to you via email to express their interest in applying for a specific job at your company, you can simply forward that email to the corresponding Maildrop email address, and it will create them as a Candidate and attach them to the appropriate job.

But how?

If you forward a message that has a resume attached, Maildrop will attempt to parse the resume to help build the Candidate’s profile in Greenhouse. Because resumes generally follow a fairly standard format, the parsing technology uses that standard structure as a guide to interpret the content and pull out the name, email address, phone number, mailing address, current title, and current company of the Candidate. Occasionally, candidates have resumes that don’t follow the standard format, or they embed images in the resume. In those cases, because the content cannot be interpreted to build the Candidate profile, parsing will fail, and the candidate will not be added. Because the resume can’t be parsed, you’ll need to create the Candidate manually.

If you forward a message that does not have a resume attached, Maildrop will attempt to build the Candidate’s profile using the information in the email itself, including the name and email address of the candidate.

You will receive an email notification from “” that will either confirm that the Candidate was successfully created, or it will let you know that it failed to create and that you must add it manually.

How does Maildrop create multiple Candidates and attach them to the right job in Greenhouse?
You can also create Candidates in bulk via Maildrop by attaching multiple resumes to one email message with “BULK” in the subject of the message. Entering “BULK” in the subject is critical, because this is how Maildrop prepares to process multiple resumes. Otherwise, Maildrop will process only one of the resumes and overlook the rest. You will receive an email notification letting you know how many were created successfully and how many (if any) failed.

How does Maildrop create Prospects in Greenhouse?
If you’d like to keep track of someone in Greenhouse but not attach them to a specific job, you can create them as a Prospect in Greenhouse via Maildrop. Instead of forwarding a message to a specific unique email address as you would to add a Candidate, you’ll instead simply forward the message to

Just as with adding a Candidate, the information that is used to build the Prospect profile depends on whether a resume was attached to the message, if that resume could be parsed, or if no resume was attached, how much information could be extracted from the message itself. As well, including “BULK” in the subject of an email message with multiple resumes attached will create Prospects in bulk (if the resumes can be parsed successfully). You will receive an email notification from letting you know whether or Prospects were added successfully.

How does Maildrop log email conversations to the Activity Feed of the Candidate or Prospect profile page?
When you initiate sending a message to a Candidate or Prospect from within Greenhouse, that outgoing message will automatically be logged in the Activity Feed of the Candidate’s profile page. To be sure to also log candidate replies that go to your email inbox and any email conversations that take place outside of Greenhouse, you can either forward an existing email thread to, or you can BCC as you send messages.