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Using Greenhouse Prospecting Google Chrome Plugin

To learn how to install Greenhouse Prospecting Google Chrome Plugin, click here.

When you are prospecting and come across someone you would like to add to Greenhouse as a Prospect, click the Greenhouse icon  to open the Greenhouse Prospecting panel in your browser.

Highlight any name or e-mail address and the extension will search your greenhouse account for any potential matches. As a note, the plugin only searches candidates you can access, so it is possible that candidates or prospects that are hidden from you won't show up.

Finding a Match

If you find a match, you will see a link within the Prospecting Panel that will take you to the search results for that candidate's name or email address so you can decide whether they are truly a duplicate or simply another person with the same information.

Adding Prospect to Greenhouse 

If the person does not exist in your Greenhouse account and you would like to add the person as a prospect, you can click the Prefill button to quickly add available personal information into the extension. 

Note: Prefill can only fill in the First and Last Name of the person, and their email. For more information on why, please visit: LinkedIn's Scraping Software Policy.  

Enter any additional desired information into the fields in the Prospecting Panel (e.g. name, current title, current company, and the URL to the prospect's profile on that particular website or application). 


If you would like to add the person as a Prospect for a particular department or office, or a specific job, continue to scroll down within the Greenhouse Prospecting Panel to fill-in any of these fields. When ready, click the Add this Prospect button at the bottom of the side bar.


Here's what it will look like once saved to Greenhouse:



If the plugin is not working for you, make sure you are logged into your Greenhouse account, then close and reopen Chrome and try again to force the extension to update.