I use Outlook. How does "Schedule All" work?

If you use Outlook for PC, and if a stage consists of multiple interviews, you can choose to schedule all of the interviews at the same time by clicking Schedule All.  

You will want to ensure that you have selected Outlook or Outlook for Mac as your Calendar of choice. Please note: If you select Outlook for Mac you must enter the interviewers and schedule@ghcalendar.io in Outlook.


Once you have entered the information for all of the interviews, you will click Download Outlook Invite. This will bring up a separate .ics file for each invite. 

Clicking each .ics file will open up the interview invite so you can make any final edits and send out your invitations! 

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    Elise Kofke

    Hi! When I try to do this instead of downloading separate .ics files for each invite, it downloads a .zip file, which my computer then cannot open. Any idea what's happening here? Thanks.

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    Jeffrey Swartwout

    Hi Elise,

    That is correct! When you 'Schedule All' with Outlook, it downloads a zip file that contains all of the ics files. Once you unzip them, you can add them to your calendar program. If you're having trouble opening a zip file you might want to connect with your IT team. If you encounter further issues please let us know at support@greenhouse.io and we can troubleshoot there!