Can I still work on my job if it hasn't been approved yet?

Yes.  If you are waiting for approval to open a job and start recruiting (i.e. the job is still in Draft status), you can still build the online job application, review and customize your Interview Plan, and edit your job details.







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    Ewa Zajac

    Hey, can I delete a Draft job?

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    Jess Bertubin

    Hi Ewa,

    You can delete a Draft job under Job Setup > Job Info > change the Status of the job from Draft to Closed. Afterwards, you can click the Dashboard tab and delete the job from there :)

    Please let me know if you'd like anything clarified or if you have any other questions!


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    Ewa Zajac

    Thanks Jess, that worked :)

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    Natalie Paul


    I am a site admin and colleague a recruting manager but neither of us can edit a job in draft mode. Can you help?



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    Mary Kathleen Morelli

    Hello Natalie,

    Thank you for reaching out! I'd be more than happy to help you troubleshoot- it would be helpful if you could contact us at, so that I can take a closer look at the behavior you're experiencing!

    I'm looking forward to hearing from you!
    All the best,

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