Permissions: Site Admin, who can create and override default approval flows

Product tier: Available for Advanced and Expert subscription tiers.

Site Admins with the user-specific permission to create and override approval flows can set up a default approval workflow that will apply to all new jobs. These workflows can also be configured to only apply to a specific office or department.

Note: Site Admins with the permission can create and override approval flows can set up unique approval workflows on a specific job. Click here for more information. 

Find your default approval workflows

Click the Configure Icon_-_Configure__redesign_.png icon and choose the Approvals section. 


Each specific approval contains three different approval processes: approvals to start recruiting, official job approval, and offer approvals. If you have multiple default approval workflows (for example, a different approval workflow for a specific department or office), it will display in a different section of the page. 

Note: The official job approvals workflow will only display if you're using two-stage job approvals.

These approvals will be ordered from least specific to most specific. For example, if you have an approval workflow specific to your Denver office, it will display before an approval workflow for jobs in the Customer Success department in your Denver office.


Add a new default approval workflow

To add a new approval, click Add Approval by office/department at the bottom of the page. 


Select the office or department for the approval workflow. If you want the workflow to apply to all offices or departments, leave that field blank. When you're finished, click Create.


When it's created, your new workflow will use the same approval steps as your default approval flow. Update these steps as needed by clicking Add Approval Step.


If you want to keep the same approval step but modify the listed approvers, click the Edit Icon_-_Edit__redesign_.png icon next to a specific section.


By default, this approval flow will only be used on new jobs that match the office and department you selected. If you want current active jobs to use the new approval flow, click Apply to Existing jobs.


Edit a default approval

You can add or modify the specific approvers on a step by selecting the Edit Icon_-_Edit__redesign_.png icon next to the approver's step and choosing new names from the pop-up window.


However, if you want to entirely remove a step from your approval workflow, select the X button.


Default approval logic

When choosing which approval workflow to use for a job, Greenhouse Recruiting will follow the logic listed below. In general, this logic checks for the most specific approval workflows, and if no matching workflow is found, it will try and locate a more generic workflow:

  1. New Jobs in Department AND Location
  2. New Jobs in Department
  3. New Jobs in Location
  4. All New Jobs (default approvals for your organization)