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I use Google Calendar. How do I schedule an interview?

Our new scheduling seamlessly integrates with your existing Google calendar to book conference rooms, view your coworkers’ calendars to check availability, compare schedules, choose the best interview time, and send interviewers invites -- all without leaving Greenhouse!

 To see all of this in action, watch our Scheduling with Google video.

Scheduling Interviews

Find a candidate with an interview to schedule, and click Schedule Interview. You’ll be directed to a new scheduling page.



On the top left of the page, click on Settings. First, make sure your Google calendar is connected to Greenhouse:

  • Click Connect to Google
  • Select the Google account through which you want to schedule interviews
  • Click Allow when prompted to allow online access

Any interviews you schedule will display on your own calendar by default unless you select a different shared calendar to which you have write access. You can return to Settings at any time to make updates and Greenhouse will remember your selections the next time you schedule an interview.


Interview Details

You can manually select the interview date, time, and interviewers and Open in Google or Send Invites to Interviewers. A new field called Resources shows all of your organization’s conference room calendars so that you can reserve a room directly in Greenhouse and add it to your interview invite. The required fields to schedule an interview are date, start time, and interviewer(s). 



Find Times

To compare the availability of multiple interviewers, different conference rooms, or the candidate’s schedule to choose the best date, time, and location for the interview, click on Find Times.

You’ll see a new view with the calendar details of any selected interviewers and conference rooms, as well as the candidate’s availability if they provided it.

Available times selected by the candidate will show up as white time blocks on the calendar while all other time slots they did not select will be shaded in gray.

You can also toggle between days by clicking on the arrows at the top of the calendar to compare availability across different dates.


You’ll only see the calendar information you have access to based your Google calendar permissions; if you’re able to see all of the event details on a coworker’s calendar, this information will be pulled into Greenhouse. If you can only see when someone is free or busy, those blocks will be reflected on the calendar.

 If you’re comparing the availability of multiple interviewers and no longer want to view a specific calendar, click on the person’s name at the top of the calendar to remove their calendar from this view and from the interview invite.

Alternatively, you can always change the interviewers, conference rooms, or the duration of the interview by clicking on Edit at the top right to modify the details of the interview without leaving the calendar scheduler.


Once you find a time and date that works well for everyone needed in the interview, click on the calendar to select a time slot. You can drag and drop this new block anywhere on the calendar to select a different time or you can select a time on a different day.


When you’re ready to finalize scheduling, you can either click Open in Google to open a Google Calendar invitation if there are any other additional Google features you’d like to use on the invite, or, if you’re all set, click on Send Invites to Interviewers to send calendar invites directly from Greenhouse without launching another window.  




Once the interview has been scheduled, you can click to update the interview right within Greenhouse.



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