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How do I allow users to view and manage our organization's API credentials?

Users who need access to manage API credentials for your organization will need to be assigned access to do so.  Users of any type (Basic, Interviewer, Job Admin, or Site Admin) can be assigned one or both of the following permissions:

  • Can manage Job Board related API Credentials


Users with Site Admin permissions who also have the advanced "Can edit another user's advanced permissions" permission will be able to assign these API management permissions to other users.  Here are the steps:

  • Click Configure
  • Click Users
  • Either click the + New Users button to add a new user, or click on the name of an existing user to edit their permissions
  • Drop down Developer Permissions and put a check in the box next to either Can manage Job Board related API Credentials or Can manage ALL organization's API Credentials.  The latter option includes access to both the Job Board API as well as the Harvest API.
  • Click Save