Developer permissions are a subset of user-specific permissions which allow a particular user to manage Greenhouse features related to APIs, webhooks, and certain integrations. Developer permissions can be assigned to any permission level (Basic, Job Admin, Site Admin).

In this article, we will cover:


Assign/Remove Developer Permissions

To add or remove a Greenhouse Recruiting user's developer permissions, click the Configure icon configure.png in the upper right-hand corner and navigate to Users on the left-hand panel. 


Select a Greenhouse user profile from the subsequent list.


Navigate to the User-Specific Permissions panel and expand the Developer Permissions panel.


Check the boxes for the permissions that will be added to or removed from the user.

Click Save when finished.


Developer Permissions Summary

The following developer permissions can be assigned to a user: 


Can manage Job Board related API Credentials

Allows the user to manage Job Board APIs to build careers pages with a unique look and feel, construct department-level pages, etc.

Can manage ALL organization's API Credentials Allows the user to manage Job Board APIs and Harvest APIs to build job boards and programmatically access your jobs, candidates, interviews, and other data from Greenhouse Recruiting.
Can manage and configure web hooks Allows the user to manage and configure webhooks for your organization so you are notified when particular events occur in Greenhouse Recruiting.
Can configure Workday integrations Allows the user to configure Greenhouse Recruiting's integration with Workday. This permission will appear only if your organization has enabled the Workday integration.