What happens if I make a change to the job or offer once the approval process has started?

For jobs, when making a change to a field under Approval Details, this will trigger the approval chain again. 

Note if you are using 2-stage approvals and the job is fully approved, making a change to a field will trigger the second stage approval chain again. 

If you would like to trigger the first stage approval (Approvals to start recruiting) again, you'll first need to set the job to Draft mode and then make a change to the fields under Approval Details. 

For offers, only certain fields will trigger the approval chain again. You'll want to note which fields by the cross indicated next to the name of the field as seen here: 


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    Beth Sallomi

    I thought changing the start date didn't restart the approval process - I verified that with support a while back - did that change?

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    Olivia Hirsch

    Hi Beth! You are correct, changing the start date will not restart the approval process. Fields that will restart the approval process have a small check mark to indicate their affect on approvals. Thanks!

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    Catherine Kyritsi

    How do we set the approval process to start again?

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    Olivia Hirsch

    Hi Catherine,

    Happy to help here! The steps to take would depend if you would like to restart job approval or offer approval process.

    For Job Approval to reset, the job will need to be in Draft mode. This can be changed from Job Setup>Job Info>Edit Status. Then from the Approvals tab on the job, you will want to edit Approval Details and change a field that has a small check mark to indicate that changing this field will re-start the approval process.

    To re-start the approval process on an offer, you will want to click on Update under Offer Details. When you edit a field that has a small check mark, it will retrigger the approval process.

    Hope this helps and please let us know if you have any additional questions!


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    Oscar Trujillo

    What happens if the candidate already signed offer through DocuSign and I need to sign a new one? how do I make that work?