Edit existing offer and re-trigger offer approval


Editing specified fields in a created offer creates a new offer version and re-triggers the offer approval process for the job.

In this article, we will provide an overview of which fields create a new offer version, and the implications of editing these unique fields.

Note: Creating a new offer version and re-triggering the offer approval process voids the original offer and any associated approvals already issued.

Navigate to a candidate's profile who already has an offer created (which may or may not be in the process of an offer approval).

Click the Offer Details tab on a candidate's On Job panel.


Click Update for the most recent Offer Version.


Use the subsequent dialog box to update the fields for the offer. Any fields that will create a new offer version and re-trigger the offer approval process are indicated by the Screen_Shot_2019-11-13_at_12.53.48_PM.png icon.

Note: Editing fields without the Screen_Shot_2019-11-13_at_12.53.48_PM.png icon will neither create a new offer version nor re-trigger the offer approval process.


Click Save when finished.

If a field with the Screen_Shot_2019-11-13_at_12.53.48_PM.png icon was edited, a new offer version is created. Click Request Approval to re-trigger the offer approval process for the new offer version


Users configured as offer approvers for the job are notified via email that their approval is required for the new offer version.