Permissions: Site Admins, and Job Admins who can invite and deactivate agency recruiters

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

Adding agencies to Greenhouse Recruiting allows the recruiting agencies you work with to submit candidates to your jobs and enables you to track them as a source in your recruiting efforts. Once you add an agency, you can invite individual recruiters from that agency to submit candidates through Agencies. Individual recruiters will be tracked as referrers.

Add an agency

Navigate to the Configure Agencies.

Click Add agency.


Enter the Name of the agency and click Create agency.


Once you've added an agency, you'll be able to select it as the source for existing and future candidates.

Note: You'll need to invite at least one agency recruiter for each agency in order for them to begin submitting job candidates.

Additional resources

Learn more about configuring agencies, agency recruiters, and other agency settings with the following resources: