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How do I schedule posts to my social networks?

Scheduling posts to social networks is a powerful, convenient way to maximize your reach to great candidates.  It takes just a few easy steps to configure which jobs to post, when to post them, and what the posts should say.

To get started:

If you're a user with Site Admin or Job Admin permissions, click the Sourcing tab, and then click Social Media.   The page will default to My Posts.


If you're a user with Interviewer or Basic permissions, simply log into Greenhouse, and you'll see the Post Jobs to Social Network section on the Dashboard.

From there, take the following steps:

Step 1.  Click Schedule Posts.

Step 2. Select one or more jobs to post, then click Next.

Step 3.  Schedule to post weekly or monthly.

If you choose to post Weekly, choose on which day(s) of the week to post as well as what time(s) to post.

If you choose to post Monthly, choose on which date(s) to post as well as what time(s) to post.

Step 4. Either customize the post manually, or select a template post using the Select template drop-down menu.  Click Schedule.

You will be able to view and modify the scheduled posts.