Create a Tracking Link for a Single Job Post


If you are planning to post an open job to an external job board or will be marketing the job in some other way, you will want to create unique URLs to the online application so you can track where the candidates came from. Once a job has been opened, and the Job Post for the position has been created and made live, you will be able to generate a unique URL to track the candidate's source.

From the Job Dashboard of an individual job, create a tracking link by navigating to Job Setup > Job Posts. As long as the job post is live, you will see the Tracking Link icon icon.png displayed to the right of the job title.


Click the Tracking Link icon icon.png and fill in the fields for Who gets credit and the Source. Greenhouse provides you with a default list of sources to choose from. To add your own custom source visit: Create Custom Sources. You will only need to create a custom source once. Once created, the custom source will be available for any job going forward.

Note: Only users who have signed into Greenhouse Recruiting can be selected to receive credit. Individuals who have a Greenhouse Recruiting account but have not signed into the platform will not appear as options in the Who gets credit dropdown.

After credit and source have been assigned, click Create Link to generate your tracking link.


Copy the tracking link. Whatever marketing you may be doing, provide the tracking link to show candidates where they need to click to apply.

For example, if you are creating a job post on LinkedIn, you will want to include the tracking link in the "Direct applicants to an external site to apply" field.


To learn how to create a tracking link for your job board, visit: 

Create a Tracking Link for Your Job Board