How do agencies submit additional notes and information?

If agency recruiters need to submit additional information after they have submitted a Candidate, they can do so by searching for the Candidate and clicking Add a Note

Once clicked, a text field will surface where additional notes can be added. This window also allows for the Agency to set the Note as Private, limiting visibility of the Note to Admins who have access to the Private Tab. 

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    Philipp Freyre

    How does the recruiter in GH gets notified once the agency recruiter has added a new candidate note?

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    Jess Bertubin

    Hi Philipp,

    Thanks for writing in!

    Currently notifications for a note sent in by an agency recruiter is not available, but this is something we're looking to improve! We've been conducting research on how best to do this and I'd love to pass along your feedback/suggestions. I've sent you an email to follow up!


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