How do I manage the jobs to which agency recruiters can submit candidates?

Users with Site Admin permissions can manage the jobs to which agency recruiters can submit candidates.

  • Click the Sourcing tab
  • Click Agencies
  • Click on the name of the agency recruiter you'd like to manage
  • Click the Add/Remove Jobs button
  • Select or deselect jobs as desired, and then click Save

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    Stefan Bauer

    This is totally unuseful. Why only site admins? And why is there no bulk feature? We use 20 odd agencies for 20 jobs - that's super painful!!!!!

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    Karen Situ

    Hi Stefan,

    Thanks so much for writing in! We apologize for the difficulties that this may have caused. I would be more than happy to address your concerns further.

    We're always open to feedback on this, so I'll be emailing you shortly to discuss this more in depth.

    All the best,

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    Naomi Crosbie-Iwasaki

    Hi there, has there been any more updates on this? We want to keep a small number of site admins with coordinators and recruiters generally being private admins. Is there a way that these private admins can arrange which agencies work a job, especially if they are adding the job in the first place.

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    Jess Bertubin

    Hi Naomi,

    Thanks for following up on this!

    Currently, we're continuing research on how best to improve the Agency Portal and how agency recruiters are managed within Greenhouse. To give some insight on the process, we generally collect feedback from users, create some potential designs, collect feedback on these designs, then run these through development.

    If you'd like to provide your suggestions and feedback to be included in this effort, feel free to email us at!

    In the meantime, I highly recommend keeping an eye on the Product Roadmap forum in the Greenhouse Community to see what's coming up and to discuss with other users about features you'd like to see in the future!


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    Stefan Bauer

    I need some urgent help with this. As mentioned before, I have over 20 agencies, many of these with multiple agents. Adding agencies to a job is already a pain, but removing them from a job is neigh impossible! I need to remove all agencies from one job position but there's no remove option on the job itself, only add. I'd now have to go into each recruiter agent to remove them from that job. NOT ACCEPTABLE. Can you please contact me asap to help me on your side with remove all agents from my job until you have provided an acceptable option for self-service?

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    Mary Kathleen Morelli

    Hello Stefan,

    Thank you for reaching out about this. I understand your frustration and I'd be more than happy to assist you. I've contacted you directly via email, so that we can move forward.

    All the best,

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    Naomi Crosbie-Iwasaki

    Hello, I am wondering if there is a way to bulk remove agencies from a job, or stop them submitting candidates. We have closed a job to new submissions from agencies but want to keep it open on the website until we have completed the recruitment process.

    I should add that I am aware of how to do this from the agency screen but it is very time consuming to go and do this for each agency working a job. 

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    Olivia Hirsch

    Hi Naomi,

    Thanks for writing in!

    Currently, the best way to remove agency recruiters from a job is in the Sourcing tab>Agencies>click on the recruiter's name>remove jobs from this page. We aren't able to adjust job assignments in bulk for agency recruiters.

    Please let us know if you have any additional questions!
    Thank you,

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