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How do I schedule interviews to a shared calendar on Google?

First, there's a one-time setup necessary to configure Greenhouse to integrate with your Google Calendar.  Here are the steps:

  • When you're logged into Greenhouse, navigate to the Integrations tab
  • Scroll down the page to and find Google Calendar
  • Click the Connect button, and then choose the Google account that you'd like to connect with Greenhouse
  • You'll see a screen where Google lets you know that Greenhouse wants access to view your calendars.  Click Accept.
  • You should see a confirmation pop-up at the top of the page:

Once that's out of the way, the next time you go to schedule an interview via Greenhouse, you'll be able to select the calendar you'd like to schedule to.  The calendars available for selection will be calendars to which you have 'write access'.

All you need to do is click on Settings on the scheduling window and it should present the dropdown to select your calendar. Note the red line crossed out in the image. This is where you would select the calendar.

After you schedule an interview and select to schedule it to a different calendar, that selection will remain "sticky" the next time you go to schedule an interview.  Very convenient!