How do I schedule interviews to a shared calendar on Google?

First, there's a one-time setup necessary to configure Greenhouse to integrate with your Google Calendar.  Here are the steps:

  • When you're logged into Greenhouse, navigate to the Integrations tab
  • Scroll down the page to and find Google Calendar
  • Click the Connect button, and then choose the Google account that you'd like to connect with Greenhouse
  • You'll see a screen where Google lets you know that Greenhouse wants access to view your calendars.  Click Accept.
  • You should see a confirmation pop-up at the top of the page:

Once that's out of the way, the next time you go to schedule an interview via Greenhouse, you'll be able to select the calendar you'd like to schedule to.  The calendars available for selection will be calendars to which you have 'write access'.

All you need to do is click on Settings on the scheduling window and it should present the dropdown to select your calendar. Note the red line crossed out in the image. This is where you would select the calendar.

After you schedule an interview and select to schedule it to a different calendar, that selection will remain "sticky" the next time you go to schedule an interview.  Very convenient!


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    Jennifer Ho

    Love it!!! I just did it =)

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    Harvey Alcabes

    This article omits the best aspect of the feature:

    After you've selected a calendar when scheduling one interview, that calendar shows up as the default when scheduling subsequent interviews!

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    Laura Bannett

    This did not work for me. I got an email:
    "You just sent a calendar invite for "Interview [name]" from hiring@[domain], but there is no Greenhouse user with that email address. Please make sure you are sending invites using the email address you use for Greenhouse. Try re-sending the invite from that email address."

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    Sam Mcgue

    Jean - this is no longer working. We don't have access to add Google Calendar integration for our shared Calendar for our new hires. Can you email me with instructions?

  • Avatar
    Harvey Alcabes

    This feature is still working for us

  • Avatar
    Jean Walters

    Sorry for the delayed reply to this thread! I somehow overlooked the notifications from Zendesk that there were comments. Laura and Sam, let me know if you're still having issues!

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    Travis Huggins

    How do I remove a calendar?? I don't want people to access my calendar now.

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    Olivia Hirsch

    Hi Travis,

    Thanks for writing in!

    If you would like to remove a calendar that other users have access to, you will need to remove their read and write access from Google Calendar. From Google Calendar you can do this from the gear icon>Settings>Calendars - select the correct calendar>Shared: Edit settings>switch 'Make changes AND manage sharing' to 'See all event details' or 'See only busy/free'.

    Removing the read and write access from a user in Google Calendar will remove their access to the calendar in Greenhouse.

    Let us know if you have any additional questions!

    Thank you,

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