Permissions: Job Admin and above

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

If an interview needs to be rescheduled or canceled, you can either reschedule/cancel in Greenhouse Recruiting (if you are using Google Calendar), or on your own calendar. 

Reschedule an interview

Navigate to the candidate's profile and find the interview under the Stages tab. Click the Ellipses icon next to the interview and choose Reschedule from the list.

Update the interview details on the left side of the page and click Schedule and Continue.


Confirm the interview details to make sure they are correct. If everything looks good, click Update Interviews.


Note: If you wish to notify the interviewers of the change by email, be sure the box for Send an email update to all interviewers is checked.


Delete an interview

Open the interview in the Stages tab, click the Ellipses icon, and choose Reschedule from the list.

On the calendar page, click the Delete Interview button in the bottom left corner of the page.


Modify an interview on an external calendar

Alternatively, you can edit or cancel an interview directly from your external calendar.

To ensure that the updates are sent to Greenhouse Recruiting seamlessly, make sure your organization's Greenhouse calendar email address is included as a guest on the event, and that the Interview Kit URL is still included in the description of the event.

Apply your changes, and then send the updated event to all guests. Greenhouse Recruiting will receive the update through the calendar email address and will apply the changes to the candidate's profile after a short delay. 

Note: If you make changes to a scheduled interview, candidates will not receive updates through changes to the calendar event.

If you need to modify an interview through an external calendar, make sure to send an updated interview confirmation email to the candidate with the changes.