Asker Technologies turns everyone into an interview professional. With the help of generative AI, users can get suggested attributes for the scorecard and interview questions based on a job description. Asker can also transcribe and summarize the interview for you to make it easier to make good hiring decisions. 

Asker Technologies integration with Greenhouse Recruiting allows users to suggest relevant attributes and interview questions for their candidate scorecards and interview kits. Users can also use the Asker Technologies Google Meet extension to get interview notes and scoring transferred to their scorecard directly in Greenhouse Recruiting.

Set up the Asker Technologies integration

Create a Harvest API key

To configure the Asker Technologies integration, you’ll need to create a Harvest API key.

Follow the steps in this article to create the key, and verify that the permissions below are selected when configuring the Asker Technologies integration.

Navigate to Asker and Log in. Navigate to company settings and then, select Available & connected integrations” from the menu on the left. Paste the API key you copied from Greenhouse to the dedicated Greenhouse field and press save.


In the Create New Credential box, make the following selections:

  • API Type:Harvest
  • Partner: Asker Technologies or Unlisted Vendor
  • Description: Asker Technologies Harvest API Key


Verify that the following permissions are selected for the [Asker Technologies] integration:


  • All permissions


  • All permissions


  • All permissions

Scheduled interviews

  • All permissions

Job stages

  • All permissions

Save when finished.

Your Harvest API key for the Greenhouse Recruiting / Asker integration is created and configured. Copy the Harvest API key to provide to Asker in the next step.

Add your API credentials to Asker Technologies

Once your API key is created, you'll need to add the key to Asker. Navigate to Asker and Log in.

Click Company Settings and then, select Available & connected integrations from the left-hand menu. In the dedicated Greenhouse Recruiting field, paste the copied API key.

Save when finished.

Download Chrome extension and complete setup

Next, to complete the Asker Technologies integration setup, you'll need to download the Asker Technologies Google Chrome extension.

Follow the steps outlined to install the extension and once done, log in to your Asker account from the extension to begin integration use.

Use the Asker Technologies integration with Greenhouse Recruiting

Connect your jobs to Asker

Once the Asker Technologies integration is set up, log into your connected Asker account using the Google Chrome extension. If you've already logged in, you can skip this step.

You'll then need to create a job. You can create a Blank job or Copy an Existing job for new job creation. When you get to the Hiring Team or Job kickoff step, you'll be prompted to connect the job to Asker.

Open the Asker sidebar and add a job description or job ad (anything that describes the requirements for the role). This will be used to generate relevant attributes and interview questions later on.

If you have a very long job description/job ad, paste the most relevant parts that describe the job (e.g. skills, responsibilities, and personal characteristics) since there's a 1300-word limit.

When you've added the job description/job ad, the status at the top of the page will be updated to Connected

Add suggested attributes

In the Scorecard step, you have the option to get attributes suggested from Asker based on the Job description/job ad created. Click +Add Asker attributes and the attributes will be automatically added to your scorecard.

Each category generates unique attributes as shown below.

Edit or remove attributes by clicking on the Edit button to the right. From there, you can also add new attributes, either your own or choose from the existing attributes in Greenhouse - Asker will create suggested questions for those attributes as well.

Save when finished. 

Add questions and create interview kits

Set up the Interview plan with all the relevant stages for the recruitment process.

To get suggested questions from Asker, press edit on the relevant interview stage.

Scroll down to Interview Questions and press +Add Asker questions.

A window will appear and Asker will generate questions based on the attributes chosen in the Scorecard step earlier. This might take a minute.

Each question is tagged with its respective category and attribute making it easy to see what each question aims to assess. Use the search and filter function to find relevant questions for the particular interview stage.

If the interview will include a discussion about salary, toggle the option at the bottom to add a question about salary to the interview kit.

Take your time and choose relevant questions. The number of questions selected is indicated by the numbers in () next to "Questions" at the top. When all the relevant questions have been selected, press "Add questions" at the bottom.

All the questions that were selected and added will automatically be added to Greenhouse.

In order to update the interview kit in both Asker and Greenhouse, Save the interview stage. 

The status for the interview stage that was edited and saved will have a changed Asker status to "Connected". This indicates that the interview kit has been updated and the questions have been synced to Asker.

Repeat step 4 for all other interview stages that you want to use and get suggestions from Asker.

Add job description/job ad to Post description (optional) 

In the Job post step, there's an option to automatically add the Job description/job ad that was added earlier.

Finish the rest of the settings in order to get the job posted.

Schedule the candidate

When it's time to start interviewing with Asker, make sure the candidate is in the relevant interview stage and schedule the interview.

Note: The candidate needs to be scheduled in Greenhouse Recruiting in order to be added to the relevant project in Asker. Otherwise, candidate's results won't be connected to the scorecard in Greenhouse.

When scheduling the candidate, make sure to add Google Meet as your Video Conferencing tool. That way you can easily copy the link and get started with the interview directly from Greenhouse.

Conduct the interview

Copy the meeting link from the Interview stage (see screenshot below) or from the placeholder in your calendar.

Conduct the interview in Google Meet

Connect the scores and notes from Asker to the scorecard in Greenhouse

When you’ve completed the interview you have two options:

  • Go to Asker and finalize the interview. From Asker, you can look at the full transcript from the interview, add AI summarised notes for each question, and make a final score before going back to Greenhouse.
  • Go to the Greenhouse scorecard straight away and update the scorecard.

Regardless of the chosen option, you'll be redirected back to the scorecard where there's an option to transfer the scores and notes from Asker into the scorecard in Greenhouse.

All the notes will automatically be added to their respective question and the scores for each attribute will be under the "Attributes" field.

The "Overall recommendation" will be pre-filled out depending on the score from the interview:

  • 0-24% = Definitely Not
  • 25-49% = No
  • 50-74% = Yes
  • 75-100% = Strong Yes

View and edit the interview

To view the candidate's score, click on the Asker logo on the right side of the screen to bring up the sidebar. The sidebar will show the overall score from the interview from 0-100% as well as the details of how the candidate scored on each attribute that was assessed.

There's also the option to edit the interview which will take you back to Asker where you can review the transcript, update your notes, and score. Press "Complete interview" or the arrow at the top left corner to get back to Greenhouse.

If there were updates made to the interview in Asker, a prompt will appear in Greenhouse suggesting you update the scorecard with the latest changes.

Additional resources

For additional information or troubleshooting not covered here, use the chat widget on our platform, visit our help center, or reach out to: