Add a featured job post token to your nurture campaign

Permissions: Job Admin and above with CRM access and a Sourcing Automation seat

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers with the Sourcing Automation add-on

With nurture campaigns in Greenhouse Sourcing Automation, you can add tokens to highlight your organization's featured jobs in campaign messages automatically.

This article covers how to use featured job post tokens in your nurture campaigns.

Note: Featured job post tokens are not available for engage campaigns. Learn more about nurture and engage campaigns.

Feature an external job post

Before you can add tokens to your nurture campaign, you'll need to feature at least one job post in your organization's external job board.

Note: You can add tokens to nurture campaigns for featured external job posts only. Featured internal job posts won't be included.

From your Greenhouse Recruiting dashboard, navigate to Configure, then select Job Boards & Posts from the left panel.

Greenhouse Recruiting Configure page with Configure button and Job Boards and Posts tab highlighted

Click to open your organization's external job board.

Configure job boards page with external job board highlighted to click

Under Job Posts, click the three dots icon next to any job post you want to feature.

Select Feature post from the dropdown.

Note: You can feature up to three external job posts on your job board.

Job posts section on Configure job posts page with three dots icon and option to feature post highlighted for a Product Manager post

Featured job posts will display a green Featured badge next to the job title.

Featured badge highlighted next to a featured job post

Add a featured job post token to a nurture campaign

Once you've featured at least one external job post, you can add a featured job post token to your nurture campaign steps.

From your Greenhouse Onboarding dashboard, navigate to CRM.

Under My campaign pools, click See all.

CRM page in Greenhouse Recruiting with CRM button and See all button highlighted

Click to open any nurture campaign from your list of existing campaign pools.

Note: Learn how to create a nurture campaign in Sourcing Automation. Nurture campaigns display a Nurture badge to the right of the campaign name.

Navigate to the Steps tab.

Click Edit step to add a token to an existing step, or click Add step to create a new step for your featured job post token.

Nurture campaign opened in Greenhouse Recruiting with Steps tab highlighted and Edit step button highlighted

In the step editor, navigate to the email body section.

Move your cursor where you want to include a new token in your step message. Click Insert Token.

Subject and body fields in Nurture campaign step editor with Insert Token button highlighted

From the dropdown, select Featured Posts - [Your external job board]

A featured job post token will be inserted where you placed your cursor.

Body field in nurture campaign step editor with featured job post token inserted and highlighted

Click Save changes to save your edits and continue building your nurture campaign.

Click Save & launch when you're ready to launch your campaign pool and begin sending messages to prospects.

When a step email with a featured job post token is sent to a prospect, the token will automatically populate your organization's featured external jobs.

Frequently asked questions

What happens if my organization has no featured job posts?

If your organization hasn't featured any external jobs, any nurture campaign tokens for featured job posts will default to the external job board's URL.

What happens when my organization's external job board is turned off?

When your organization turns off its external job board, any featured job post tokens in your nurture campaigns will lead to a broken link.

To avoid broken links in your campaign messages, remove any featured job post tokens from your nurture campaigns before turning off your external job board.

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