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You can change the look and feel of your job board to reflect your organization’s brand. 

Get started

To customize your job board, navigate to the Configure Job Boards page. (Configure Configure-icon.png > Job Boards)

Click the three dots icon Ellipsis_2.png to the right of your organization's internal job board. Click Edit Board Settings from the dropdown menu.

Job boards page showing the Edit Board Settings link.png

Customization options appear below the general settings.

Filter by office and department

Choose whether applicants are able to filter jobs by department or office. When turned on, your job board displays Department and Office drop down menus.

Internal job board header displaying the department and office dropdown menus.png

Display hiring manager and recruiter

Displaying the hiring manager and recruiter's information gives internal candidates the opportunity to reach out to discuss the position before applying.

Up to three hiring manager or recruiter names are displayed for each job. When this option is turned on, names are shown on both the job board and the job post.

Job board displaying jobs and hiring team contacts.png


You can choose custom colors for your buttons, fonts, and fields

Choosing an Accent color theme populates the job board's accent colors automatically.

You can also choose each color individually by selecting from the dropdown menu, entering a unique hex code, or by clicking the color tile to open a color wheel.

Example of clicking the color tile to open additional color options.gif


Fonts on the job board are grouped by primary and secondary font: 

  • Primary font applies to your job board title and headings.
  • Secondary font applies to all other text on the board, including job name and location.

In the example below, the primary font is surrounded by an orange box. All other text is the secondary font.

Internal job board page with orange boxes highlighting all primary text.png



Button shape applies to all buttons on your job board. The following button shapes are available:

Rectangle Rectangle button shape.png
Rounded rectangle Rounded rectangle button shape.png
Pill Pill button shape.png

Button text

You can provide custom text for the Apply button, which appears on job post pages and links to the job application.

Button text can include up to 25 characters.

A job post for a UX writer position. An orange box highlights the Apply button.png

Form field labels

The application page contains a series of fields for applicants to complete. Choose whether the labels appear inside or outside of the field.

Label inside of form form field label inside - showing first and last name only.png
Label outside of form form field label outside - showing first and last name only.png