Permissions: Job Admins and above with CRM access and a Sourcing Automation seat

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers with the Sourcing Automation add-on

When you create a new campaign pool in Greenhouse Sourcing Automation, you'll have the option to build one of the following campaign types:

  • Engage campaigns
  • Nurture campaigns

Use this guide to learn more about these campaign pool types and determine which type will best fit your sourcing needs.

Engage campaigns

Use engage campaigns to quickly source and add prospects to active jobs at your organization. Engage campaigns run at a much faster pace than nurture campaigns, with emails delivered frequently to ensure you consistently engage prospects until your job is filled.

Nurture campaigns

Nurture campaigns are designed to help you stay in front of prospects over a longer period of time, especially when you aren't actively hiring or don't have open jobs. If you have prospects that have shown interest but aren't yet ready to apply for your current jobs, you can also add them to a nurture campaign.

With nurture campaigns, you can also include featured job post tokens in your campaign messages. This allows you to automatically highlight your organization's featured external job posts, helping nurture prospects by keeping them informed of your latest job openings.

Nurture campaigns keep your brand top-of-mind and ensure your talent pipeline remains warm, with longer wait times between prospect emails.

Frequently asked questions

Which campaign type should I use?

If you're actively looking to fill open roles at your organization, create an engage campaign to source and communicate with prospects more frequently.

If you have prospects that are interested, but not currently able to apply for open jobs, create a nurture campaign to maintain brand awareness and keep prospects in contact with you.

Are campaign messages delivered differently in nurture campaigns?

Yes. In general, engage campaigns run at a much faster pace than nurture campaigns. Wait times between steps are much longer in nurture campaigns, because you'll be reaching out to prospects less frequently than in engage campaigns.

Here's how wait times differ between engage and nurture campaigns:

Campaign type Minimum wait time, Step 1 Minimum wait time, Step 2 and beyond
Engage 10 minutes 1 day
Nurture 7 days 30 days

Can I highlight my organization's featured job posts in both engage and nurture campaigns?

No, featured job post tokens are available for nurture campaigns only. Learn more about adding featured job post tokens to your organization's nurture campaigns.

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