Sourcing Automation prospect activity report

Permissions: Job Admin and above with CRM access and a Sourcing Automation seat

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers with the Sourcing Automation add-on

The prospect activity report helps you visualize how often prospects are opening and replying to your Sourcing Automation campaign pool messages. In addition to a table with open and reply counts, the report also displays a heat grid to represent averages across 24 hours, seven days a week.

Use this report to track the average number of times a prospect has opened and replied to campaign messages from specific team members or campaign pools.

Prospect activity report

To create a prospect activity report, navigate to Reports from your dashboard.

Greenhouse Recruiting dashboard with Reports button in navigation bar highlighted

On the Reports page, click Essential reports.

Greenhouse Recruiting Reports page with Essential reports tab highlighted

Scroll to Assess Your Prospecting Efforts (CRM).

Select Sourcing Automation - Prospect Activity.

Assess Your Prospecting Efforts section on Essential reports page with Prospect activity report highlighted

The prospect activity report will generate.

Prospect activity report page

Below your report's visualizations, you'll also see a table that displays the total count of prospect opens and replies for the time period you've set as a filter.

Prospect activity report table

Prospect activity report filters

Expand Filters and more to apply filters and further refine your report.

Filters and more panel expanded in the Sourcing Automation Prospect Activity report

You can filter your prospect activity report by the following:

  • Activity date
  • Campaign pool
  • User

Click Apply to confirm your filter selections.

Prospect activity report visualizations

The prospect activity report will visualize the number of times prospects have opened and replied to your campaign pool messages across the week in two heat grids. These grids display each hour in a day on the x-axis and each day of the week on the y-axis.

In the heat grids, you'll find squares in different shades of green. Darker squares indicate days and times when you've received more prospect opens or replies.

You can hover over each square under Open Hours or Reply Hours to see more details.

Prospect activity report open hours and reply hours visualizations

Any filters applied in Filters and more will adjust both visualizations.