Permissions: Job Admin and above with CRM access and a Sourcing Automation seat

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers with the Sourcing Automation add-on

With Greenhouse Sourcing Automation, you can check the status of various prospects in your campaign pools at any time using the Prospects tab.

This article covers each prospect status that you may see in a campaign pool. Each status will also include additional context to help you determine the reason why a prospect has this status.

View prospect statuses

From your Greenhouse Recruiting dashboard, navigate to the CRM tab.

Scroll to the My active campaign pools section, then click See all.

On the Campaign pools page, click to open one of your existing campaign pools.

Navigate to the Prospects tab. Use the Status column to check on the status of each prospect in this campaign pool.

Campaign pool page for Product Manager role with Prospects tab open and Status column highlighted in marigold

You can also click on each prospect row to see additional details about a prospect's interactions with your campaign, including past activity and upcoming scheduled messages. Learn more about using the prospect activity panel.

All prospect statuses

Status Reason Action needed
Automating messages Next action is today / in 1 day / in [x] days None
Done Campaign completed None
Done Email bounced Replace email address
Done Prospect booked None
Done Prospect replied None
Done Prospect unsubscribed None
Not sending messages Exists in a different campaign Clear this error
Not sending messages Invalid email Clear this error
Not sending messages Missing email Add email address
Not sending messages Missing info Enter missing info
Not sending messages Replied outside of campaign Clear this error
Not sending messages Replied to teammate Clear this error
Not sending messages Unable to send None
Paused Launch campaign to continue automating messages Launch campaign
Paused Indefinitely (when a prospect is rejected) None
Paused Out-of-office message found – Next action in [x] days None
Pending Needs email personalization Complete task
Pending Pending InMail task Complete task
Pending Pending manual task Complete task
Task completed Next action is today / in 1 day / in [x] days None