Greenhouse Recruiting provides people with the ability to sign on via single sign-on (SSO). SSO enables your organization to better manage data security, enforce access protocols, and maintain user accounts on the hiring software.

Sometimes you may have trouble signing in with SSO, or you may have trouble enabling SSO for your organization. We've collected a few quick troubleshooting steps to help get you back on track.



Unable to login

If you're unable to log in, reach out to your SSO provider or your IT department. Once SSO is enabled for your organization, you'll need to log in from your SSO provider to access Greenhouse Recruiting. Any username or password resets should be completed in your SSO provider, and not on Greenhouse Recruiting itself.

How do I reset my password?

If you forgot your username or password, reset it via your SSO provider or reach out to your IT department.

How do I allow third parties to access Greenhouse Recruiting with SSO?

Once SSO is enabled for your organization, all of your users must log in to Greenhouse Recruiting with SSO. For this reason, any third parties such as developers, analysts, or recruiters that need access must have an SSO profile configured in your idP.

Why can't I sign in with Google?

Sign in with Google is not synonymous with SSO and is only available for organizations that have configured this alternate authentication method for apps like Greenhouse Recruiting. While you may see the option to Sign in with Google, if your organization has enabled SSO you can only log in using your SSO provider.

Who do I contact for help?

Contact your IT department or the administrator for your company's SSO provider for help signing in.

SSO configuration

How do I enable SSO?

Check out Configure single sign-on (SSO) for Greenhouse Recruiting.

What's the default session timeout?

The default session timeout for SSO on Greenhouse Recruiting is thirty (30) days. Your SSO provider's session timeout will take precedence over the Greenhouse Recruiting timeout. If you prefer a shorter session timeout for Greenhouse Recruiting, reach out to Greenhouse Technical Support.

How do I replace an expired certificate?

You can update your SSO configuration at any time in Greenhouse Recruiting.

How do I deactivate SSO?

To deactivate SSO, reach out to Greenhouse Technical Support.

Note: If your team deactivates SSO, each user at your organization must request a password reset via email and create a new password to regain access to Greenhouse Recruiting.

Can I enable more than one SSO provider?

Greenhouse Recruiting only supports one SSO provider per instance.

Error messages

"Your SSO integration appears to be misconfigured."

This error message means that your user account is not provisioned for Greenhouse Recruiting in your SSO. Reach out to your IT team for help getting Greenhouse Recruiting added to your SSO profile.