Purchase an Appcast programmatic campaign

Permissions: Job Admin and above who can create, edit, and delete job posts

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

Appcast programmatic campaigns dynamically post your job ad across multiple job boards to reach your audience.

You provide your campaign details and a budget amount, and Appcast uses algorithms and data to automatically select job boards. Based on your budget and how the job ad is performing, Appcast adjusts when and where the ad is posted to optimize your ad's performance.

Create an Appcast programmatic campaign

Note: Campaigns can only be created for external job posts that are live. 

To create an Appcast programmatic campaign, navigate to the Jobs page from your Greenhouse Recruiting dashboard.

Select a job. 

Using the left side menu, navigate to Sourcing > Job Ad Market

Click Create programmatic campaign

Job  Ad  Market  page  with  an  orange  box  highlighting  the  button  Create  programmatic  campaign

Select the amount you want to spend from the Total allocated budget dropdown menu, then click Continue

Campaign overview page with an orange box around the Total allocated budget dropdown menu

If your job has multiple job posts, select the one you want to use for this campaign. 

Select a job post page, with an orange box around the job post options

On the Details page, information about your campaign is shown. Some fields are pre-populated with information from the job post and can be edited if needed. 

Details page

In the Location section of this page, enter your organization’s headquarters location. 

Note: The location shown in the job ad comes from the job post.

The location details you enter on this page are used by Appcast when processing the ad purchase and will not be included in your job ad. 

Location section of the Details page

After ensuring your campaign details are correct, click Continue.

On the Billing page, enter your payment information. 

Billing page with an orange box around the payment information fields

Review your campaign details in the Program summary box on the right side of the page. Ensure the information is correct and make any edits needed before purchasing. After purchasing the campaign, you won’t be able to edit this information.

Note: Your Program start date is the date you purchase the campaign. By default, campaigns last 30 days.

If all of your campaign information is correct and no further changes are needed, click Purchase Campaign.

Note: When a candidate applies using an Appcast programmatic job ad, they’re taken to a Greenhouse-hosted job post.

View campaign dashboard

After you’ve purchased your campaign, you can view it from the job’s Job Ad Market page (Job > Sourcing). 

Job Ad Market page displaying the programmatic campaign dashboard, with one active campaign shown

The following details are shown for each active campaign: 

Column Information shown
Status Active or Completed
Campaign The campaign name you provided when purchasing the campaign.
Campaign start date Date the campaign went live.
Days live Number of days since your campaign start date.
By default, campaigns last 30 days.

Number of applications received.

To view candidate applications, navigate to the job's candidate list and filter by the source Appcast programmatic.

Budget spent

Amount spent on the campaign as of today’s date.

View a campaign receipt

Receipts for purchased ads are located on the Order History page (Configure icon Configure-icon.png> Order History).

Click the PDF icon in the left column to download and review a receipt.

Order history page showing a table with 3 rows. Each row is a campaign. An orange box highlights the Invoice column..png

Report on a campaign’s performance

Candidates who apply for a job through an Appcast programmatic campaign ad are added to Greenhouse Recruiting with Appcast programmatic listed as their source. 

To view your campaign’s performance, we recommend using the Candidate quality by campaign report.

To compare your campaign’s performance against other types of sourcing, we recommend the Candidate quality by source report or the New Candidates by source report.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Which job boards does Appcast post to?

Appcast programmatic job ads use a proprietary algorithm to select job boards optimized for your job post recruitment goals. You may see the ad budget spent on popular job sites such as Indeed, Monster, and LinkedIn, or used on less conventional job boards like Lensa, Jobrapido, Diversity.com, and Juju.

How does Appcast determine which job boards to post ads on?

Appcast's AI-powered bidding uses massive data and natural language processing to optimize cost against volume to get you the right candidates for your job post.

How much should I spend in order to receive a strong pool of prospective candidates?

To create an Appcast programmatic job ad, you must spend a minimum of $200. For best results, we recommend you begin with at least $300.

How does Appcast spend my total allocated budget? 

Once you select a budget amount to spend, Appcast uses that budget to purchase ads on various job boards, optimized based on their proprietary algorithm. This algorithm distributes these purchases in a way that optimizes high-quality candidate matches in the shortest amount of time.

Can I determine how long I want my campaign to last?

By default, campaigns last 30 days. Your campaign start date is the date you purchase the campaign. 

Can I edit my campaign after it’s started?

Campaign details, including budget amount, cannot be changed after the campaign is purchased.

When a candidate applies using an Appcast job ad, they’re taken to a Greenhouse-hosted job post. Can I redirect them to my organization’s customized careers page instead?

No. By default, all candidates who apply using an Appcast programmatic ad are taken to a Greenhouse-hosted job post. The post includes the job description and all application questions you’ve configured.

Additional resources

For additional questions or to troubleshoot a purchased campaign, contact the Greenhouse Technical Support team.