How do I keep my emails from going to spam?

If your emails are landing in your candidates' spam folders, try the steps below to increase the likelihood that your messages will be delivered successfully.

Note: Because each email provider handles mail differently, you cannot completely prevent emails from going to spam, but these tips can increase your chances for successful delivery.

Are you following our email best practices?

Lengthening your message, avoiding certain "spam trigger" words, and removing inactive email addresses are all methods you can use to reduce the risk of your mail being marked as spam.

Review all of our email best practices for guidance on optimizing your email delivery.

Is your email domain verified in Greenhouse Recruiting?

Greenhouse Recruiting allows you to send emails that appear to the candidate as being sent from your organization's domain.

To ensure those emails are delivered consistently and securely, verify your organization’s email domain. This communicates to email providers that they can trust the use of your domain for Greenhouse Recruiting emails.

Have you tested your email deliverability?

Try evaluating your message’s deliverability using a spam testing tool like Mail Tester. Spam testing tools analyze your message and provide a deliverability score based on the message’s content, your IP address, and other factors. They may also offer suggestions for improving your message's deliverability.

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