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Greenhouse Recruiting allows you to integrate your job boards with your organization's career page. This article provides answers to frequently asked questions about integrating a careers page.

What's the difference between a job post, a job board, and a careers page?

Both a job post and job board are configured in Greenhouse Recruiting, while your careers page is configured using your website builder.

A job post is a page created in Greenhouse Recruiting that includes a description of the role you're hiring for, its location, and an application form. A job board is a page created in Greenhouse Recruiting that links to all your job posts.

A careers page is the page on your organization's website where you list open roles, often called "Careers," "Jobs," "Opportunities," or "Work with us."

How do I find my website builder?

A website builder, sometimes called a Content Management System or CMS, is the service you use to create and edit the pages on your website.

Common website builders include WordPress, Squarespace, and Hubspot, but your organization may use a different one. If you don't know who your website builder is, we recommend reaching out to a member of your team. This could be someone in your IT department, the person who manages your website, or another technical contact.

We created the following message template to help you collect the info you need. Copy the message below and send it to a member of your team:

Hello, I’m working on connecting our website with our Greenhouse Recruiting account. What website builder do we use?

Depending on how you choose to integrate your careers page with Greenhouse Recruiting, you may need to edit the code on your website.

How do I edit my website's code?

Find the area in your website builder where you can edit your code. The process of finding and navigating this section of your account will differ depending on the website builder you use.

Tip: Go to your website settings and look for buttons or links like "Edit Code," "Custom Code," or "HTML/CSS."

If you need help locating your website code, you may need to consult the website builder's support center or contact their support team.

Copy the message below and send it to your website builder's support team:

Hello, I’m trying to update my website's code. Where can I go to edit this?

If you still need help after contacting your website builder's support team, reach out to the Greenhouse Recruiting Technical Support team.

How do I find my job board URL?

Go to Configure > Job Board & Posts.

Screenshot of the job boards and posts link

Select the Ellipsis icon next to your job board and click Edit Board Settings.

Screenshot of the edit board settings link

Scroll down to the URL field and copy the URL.

Screenshot of the job board URL field

Can I change my integration option?

Yes, you can change your integration option at any time.

However, keep in mind that changing your integration option may result in candidates being temporarily unable to access your job board. We suggest talking with your team about the implications of changing integration options.