Getting started with careers page integration


Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

Greenhouse Recruiting allows you to integrate the job boards and posts you create in your account with the career page you already have on your organization’s website. This is key to ensuring that candidates who apply through your career page will be brought into Greenhouse Recruiting.

This process saves time, streamlines the management of your job boards and posts, and simplifies applicant tracking by tracking data from a single place.

Before you start

The careers page integration process differs in time and complexity for each organization. However, every organization starts the process by collecting the same key information.

We created the following steps to help you gather the information you need to get started.

Know the terms

  • Job post: A page created in Greenhouse Recruiting that includes a description of the role you’re hiring for, its location, and an application form
  • Job board: A page created in Greenhouse Recruiting that links to all your job posts
  • Careers page: The page on your organization’s website where you list open roles, often called “Careers,” “Jobs,” “Opportunities,” or “Work with us”

Determine your website builder

A website builder, sometimes called a Content Management System or CMS, is the service you use to create and edit the pages on your website.

Common website builders include WordPress, Squarespace, and Hubspot, but your organization may use a different one. If you don't know who your website builder is, we recommend reaching out to a member of your team. This could be someone in your IT department, the person who manages your website, or another technical contact.

We created the following message template to help you collect the info you need. Copy the message below and send it to a member of your team:

Hello, I’m working on connecting our website with our Greenhouse Recruiting account. What website builder do we use?

Depending on how you choose to integrate your careers page with Greenhouse Recruiting, you may need to edit the code on your website.

Decide how you want your careers page to look

Greenhouse Recruiting offers five different ways to sync your website with your Greenhouse Recruiting careers page. These are commonly called "integration options." Each option varies in setup time, complexity, and customizability and results in a different “look and feel.”

Note: All options allow you to add a logo, format job posts with rich text, customize questions and edit the look of your job board with custom CSS. In addition, options 1-4 are all compliant with ADA level A.

Check out the options list below along with the situations in which they work best:

  • Choose option 1 if you want to make as few code changes to your website as possible.
  • Choose option 2 if you want to embed your job board on your website but don’t need to customize the order or appearance of jobs.
  • Choose option 3 if you want to customize the order or appearance of jobs or segment by jobs by office or department.
  • Choose option 4 if you want to keep applicants on your website, but you don’t need a highly customizable application form.
  • Choose option 5 if you want full creative control of your job board, need to use a tracking pixel, like those used with Google Analytics, or need to meet ADA compliance level AA or higher.

Tip: To get your integration to go live as soon as possible, we recommend starting with option 1. You can always change your integration option at a later time.

Assess your resources

Consider the number of people in your organization with the skills, knowledge, and access to help you integrate your careers page. This may include people on your marketing or brand teams. Think about how this might impact the job board integration you can make.

If you don’t have access to technical resources, consider choosing one of the simpler integration options, which require less expertise to set up and maintain.

Make a plan

Make adjustments to your goals based on your assessment in the previous step.

We suggest meeting with the team members who will be involved in the project and setting expectations for how the project will proceed.

Start integrating

After you choose your integration option, go to the Integration Options page. (Configure > Dev Center > Integration Options).

Find the numbered section that matches the integration option you chose. Click How to integrate, then follow the instructions.

Screenshot of the how to integrate link